Chocolate Machine Product Groups

Çikolata Makinaları

Chocolate Preparation Kitchen Equipment

Çikolata Kalıplama Makinaları

Chocolate Molding Machines

Special Butik Çikolata Ekipmanları

Special Boutique Chocolate Equipment

Çikolata Labaratuar Makinaları

Chocolate Laboratory Machines

Established in 1986, Yasa Makina broke new ground in our country, which is totally dependent on outside food machinery, and started to produce machinery for the chocolate industry. Yasa Makina continues to design, develop, manufacture and assemble dozens of machines from chocolate molding machines to tempering and conching machines, from powdered sugar mill to chocolate resting tanks, with its experienced technical staff at home and abroad. Yasa Makina, which always adopts the principle of using the highest quality materials, has gained the trust of its customers by using the latest technologies at every stage of production. ..More

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